Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Resolution

I realize I have been quite lax in writing recently.  I'd like to blame it on the holidays, but it was probably just laziness.  And maybe it was a little bit because of the holidays.  Also, Aaron has been working all kinds of hours and weekends and I have been "plumb tuckered out" (nod to my semi-hillbilly upbringing).  Whatever the reason, I have felt quite guilty for not writing and have decided to make one of those dangerous New Year's Resolutions.  My resolve is to write something here every day.  This may mean I have to subject my readers (all ten or eleven of you) to all the inanities of my life just so that I have something to say, and by this time next year I'll either have no more readers or everyone will just beg me to stop.  Then there's always the chance that my New Year's Resolution will meet the same end that so many New Year's resolutions do...and I won't keep it.  But I am surely going to try.