Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stomach Bugs, Ear Confections, Adoption and Waiting

The last few weeks have been very.....full, to put it gently.  One week we had a stomach flu bug, which seemed very unfair since I was just getting over having morning sickness and thought I was going to be done with nausea and vomiting.  No such luck. 

The following week we all had colds and I lost my voice for two days, which made being a stay at home mom just a little more challenging than usual. 

This week we started off with going to the doctor, where it was discovered that Simeon has a sinus infection and Israel has an ear infection, which he called an "itchy ear confection" and made me laugh. 

Now that we are all loaded up with antibiotics, cough medicine, tylenol, and/or ricola cough drops, I think we are getting better.  Hopefully we can put all this sickness behind us!

Other than that, this week Aaron and I also surprisingly found ourselves at an informational meeting about adoption at our church.  Adoption is not something I have really wanted to do in the past, but it seems like God has been doing something in my heart, and Aaron's, in the last year or so, even in the last month or so. 

At this point, Aaron is a little more enthusiastic than I am since I am pregnant, and my main thought is "One kid at a time please!"  It's hard to think about bringing home a child to adopt when I already know I'll be bringing home a newborn this May. 

In any case, it is something we're looking into and praying about.  We always knew that we wanted to have a big family, and up until now, I had always considered that I would be bringing all of those children into the world myself.  Now I am considering that God may have other plans for us. 

There are a lot of different routes to take when considering adoption, and it can be very expensive, so one thing that is absolutely certain is that we need God's guidance and direction on this, as well as His provision. 

Normally, I wouldn't blog about something like this.  When I feel God stirring us to something, I like to keep it close to my heart.  I might tell a few close friends, but not tell the entire world (so to speak).  However, in this particular case, I feel like this is the beginning of a journey and that maybe there are people who need to read about it along the way.

This may be something that happens a year from now, or it could be ten years from now.  I really don't know.  I do know that when it happens, it will be God's perfect timing, and I trust Him to show us exactly when that is. 

In the meantime, we will gather information, we will wait, and we will pray.  Most of the time, that seems like all you can do with any situation: wait, and pray.