Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Much Ado About Nothing

This week the two older boys have been going to VBS.  This is the first time they are both old enough to go, and I am really enjoying having a couple hours to myself while they are gone in the morning.  However, yesterday as we were leaving VBS, Malachi decided it would be a good idea to stick a pebble up his nose.  I thought he had actually put two in, because I thought one had already come out.  He kept saying there was one in his nose and it was hurting him.  I wasn't sure if there was really one in his nose or if it just hurt from the other one that came out.  I told him to just calm down, that it was okay, and I would look at it when we got home.

Once home I tried looking in his nose several times with different lights, but I couldn't see anything.  I decided to call a friend of mine who has eleven kids. I though, surely she has had this happen and will know what to do.  

Not only has she not had this happen, but the other two moms with her hadn't either.  They put me on speaker phone and all listened to my problem.  After much deliberating they agreed that the best thing was for me to call the doctor and see what he said about it.  

This was unfortunate news for me because I generally hate calling the doctor with questions.  I usually get some kind of ridiculous answer like, "Well, if you're concerned and you think you should bring him in, then you should."  If I thought I should bring him in, I wouldn't be calling to ask them about it, I would just bring him in!  I really get so annoyed about that.  

In spite of that, I did what my panel of moms suggested and called the doctor's office.  The receptionist took a message and said they'd call me back.  Which they did, finally, around five or so.  I have to give my doctor points for calling me back himself.  Also, he is a different doctor than we've seen in the past, and seems to be capable of giving an answer.  He asked a lot of questions, and finally decided he should probably have a look at it, just in case.  I was just happy to hear such a definite answer, and gladly made an appointment.

So today, at three forty-five, Aaron came home early and took him to the doctor.  

Where they found absolutely nothing.


  1. To be 100% accurate with your story, the mother with 11 children did have a child that put rocks in her nose. Her name was Hannah. This mother was reminded of this and the story that went along with it by the same child whose name is Hannah. This child, Hannah, said that we were able to get it out with tweezers and a flashlight. The mother has a vague recollection of this, but can only picture the rock and not the incident. This mother thought this must've been a dream because she cannot believe that she could forget something like this...especially since she is usually quite exceptional in remembering details in stories such as this.

    Anyway, glad Malachi is ok. Hope the bill isn't too big.

  2. Just a co-pay, like $20. No big deal. If it had been more I probably would have taken my chances and waited to see if the rock came out on its own.

  3. Oh, and thanks to you and to Hannah, for setting the record straight:)

  4. Finding nothing is a good thing!! Imagine finding something & having to go to great lengths to remove it! YUCK & OUCH!!! I am glad all nasal passages are clear & glad you are enjoying your VBS quiet time. What doctor did you talk to on the phone?

    & Tell Malachi that the only thing allowed in noses are fingers...... = )

  5. It was Dr. Pflieger. He is our doctor. Ever since we switched to him, it has been a lot better because he's closer, and I always feel like he takes time to make sure everything is okay, even if it seems like nothing is wrong. Izzy hurt his arm once and even woke up in the middle of the night with it hurting, but by the time we got him to the doctor he was fine. Dr. Pflieger still took the time to look at his arm and make sure it was okay, and I really appreciated that.


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