Saturday, June 26, 2010

Road Trip

If I could be doing anything right now...well, I would sleep, actually...but if I could be doing anything else, I think it would be fun to take a road trip to California.  I'd like to drive out to California, and start at the bottom and just work my way to the top.  I'd like to drive for as long as I wanted, with no pressure to "make good time", and the ability to stop at any place that looked interesting. 

For this trip, I would need unlimited cash, or at least enough to make me feel like it was unlimited.  I would also need either a convertible or a VW bus.  It just wouldn't be the same with any other vehicle. 

Oh, and let's not forget, I would need a sidekick/navigator person, who of course would be terrible with directions and frequently get us lost.  I would always forgive them though, because they would also have an ipod with like 4,000 songs on it, and the capability of hooking it up to listen to on the car radio. 

We would drive through California and try to find at least one movie star's house.  In fact, we would not leave California without at least seeing a movie star shopping or something. 

When we're done with that, we would just keep going up through Oregon and Washington.  We would stop in every little town and visit at least one locally owned shop and purchase a soveneir.  Maybe we would buy a postcard from every town also and send it off our friends back home, just to make them say, "Where?" and annoy them. 

We would definitely go to Seattle to see if it was raining like it's supposed to, and we would buy really extravagant umbrellas there.  And we would drink coffee, even though I hate coffee (and I'm sure my sidekick navigator does too).  I'm pretty sure there's something about Seattle and coffee. 

Most likely we would have to visit the town of Forks, to see if they really have vampires, werewolves and a police chief named Charlie. 

After all that, we would drive back home across Idaho, and down through Montana and Wyoming.  We would not bother with Utah and its salty lakes and mormons (obviously, we drove through Arizona to get to California, since we had to start at the bottom, and also to see the Grand Canyon). 

Finally, we would return home weary, but joyous from our road trip adventure. 

THAT is what I'd like to be doing.


  1. I think your navigator/side kick should be Hannah. This sounds EXACTLY like something that she would love to do. Hope you can do it some day (or at least parts of it)!

  2. Tell Hannah to start working on the ipod thing....

  3. ummmmm. you can't take Hannah unless I get to go, too. So there.

  4. Well, that depends...are you a bad navigator? Or will you be the person with the ipod?


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