Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I Would Like

Growing up, whenever I would complain about anything, my mom would say, "Well, life isn't fair."  I would often get mad at her for not sympathizing over my teenage woes, but as an adult, I realize more and more that it's true; we don't always get what we want.  Sometimes I am reconciled to that fact, but at others it is a slap in the face and everything in between.  Since I have this nifty blog, I thought that today I would make use of it, and put down on record how I'd like for things to be.

I'd really like to not have to get up at 5:30 and change a dirty diaper.
I'd like to be able to sit and eat a bowl of cereal without someone thinking I should share it with them.
I'd like it if when I took the time to make eggs, the kids would all actually eat them.
I'd like to be able to sit and hold my baby for as long as I need to, without anyone asking me for juice or a snack, even though they just ate twenty minutes ago.
I'd like it if I could put Lily in her swing without worrying that one of the boys was going to climb into it with her.
I'd like a little more privacy.
I'd like it if I didn't feel like I was speaking a foreign language to my children since they so often seem to not even hear what I'm saying.
I'd like it if I could feel like I knew what I was doing.

I'd like a lot of things, but as I mentioned before, we don't always get what we want.  And that isn't necessarily bad.  It helps me to learn to "be content in all things", and it forces me to stare my lack in the face, and recognize that I need God.  Because there's just no other way I can get through life on my own.  I am desperately in need of His grace and peace.  All the time. 

And what I would really like most of all?  I'd like to learn to rely on Him, instead of constantly trying to do it all myself.

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  1. HA! You are speakin my crack'a'lackin language!!! I LOVED this post...mostly because I identified with it 100%. Can I add one to your wish list? I want to go to the bathroom BY MYSELF without the three children and dog and I want to also have confidence that I can actually shut the door without fear that catastrophy won't happen! Thank you for sharing your thoughts here...I get tired of my kids telling me that they don't want something or that they "need" something else...