Friday, September 25, 2009

A Perfect Conversation

I was sitting in the living room on the chaise sewing a pillow. Izzy came over to me, saying, “Ma ma, after you’re done sewing…” he trailed off and ambled over to the other side of me.
“After you’re done sewing…” he said again. “When you’re done sewing.”
“When I’m done sewing, then what?”
“What should I do when I’m done?”
“After you’re done sewing…”
“Then what? What should Mommy do?”
“Yeah!” A pause. “When you’re done sewing…”
“After I’m done, what should I do?” I repeated.
“You’re sewing, ma ma.”

Once again, a conversation with Izzy has led to a dead end.


  1. Tammy - obviously you misunderstand. That conversation ended at the farthest thing from a dead end. First of all, he's a guy, and to a guy the whole thing makes total sense. Second, he's a toddler, and if you could only see the world from a guy toddler's perspective you could get the point and be awed. Third, you did that girl thing, where you interrupted his thoughts with questions, totally throwing him off the path. Whew, good thing he recovered so well. Chuh!

  2. Thank you for correcting me and giving me the guys perpective, Dale:)