Saturday, October 15, 2011

Izzy's Puppet Show

My four year old decided to put on a puppet show for me while I was sitting down nursing the baby this afternoon.  His puppet was a crazy haired head cut out of blue foam with wiggly eyes and a pom-pom nose on top of a popsicle stick.  He had a captive audience ;)

Izzy (as the puppet): What's the question?
Me: What's your name?
Izzy: Mr. Choo Choos.
Me: Do you like trains?
Izzy: No! I like helicopters.
Me: Can you fly a helicopter?
Izzy: Yes.
Me: Who taught you to fly helicopters?
Izzy: The soldiers.
Me: Oh, are you a soldier?
Izzy: Uh-huh.
Me: How long have you been a helicopter pilot?
Izzy: Thirty years ago.
Me: Oh, you're not a pilot anymore?
Me: Why not?
Izzy: They shot me down!


Izzy: Okay, you want me to do a new show?
Me: Sure!

(New Show)

Izzy: What's the question?
Me: What are you doing?
Izzy: Once I was in the Army and I got killed.
Me: Oh no! What happened?
Izzy: The doctors fixed me up.
Me: Did they have to resuscitate you?
Izzy: No, they had to shoot me down!

(I laugh and tell Aaron what he said)

Izzy: Want me to do a new show?

(New Show)

Izzy: What's the question?
Me: How do you bake a blueberry pie?
Izzy: No, ask something more sensible!
Me: Okay...what should we do about the deterioration of our economy?
Izzy: Punch each other in the face!
Me (laughing): Oh, so you believe that boxing is the key to economic recovery?

Izzy just giggles, he has no idea what I just said :)

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