Monday, July 5, 2010

No Fireworks For You

Aaron and I will have been married for six years this month, and until last night have never gone to see fireworks on the fourth of July.  In fact, even before we got married we didn't go see them. 

Last night, for the first time, we actually planned on seeing them.  We went over to a friend's house because you can see the Country Club fireworks from his backyard.  We took all the boys with us, along with a pack-n-play so Simeon could go to sleep.  We had hamburgers and brats, and put Spiderman on to keep the little guys from destroying the house we were visiting (they don't have any kids yet, so everything was very "in place").  Aaron's brother and his wife and their baby came too.  

It's been very hot lately, but suddenly yesterday it turned cold and rainy.  Still, we had high hopes that the rain would subside and there would still be fireworks.  We hung out and talked and waited for them to start. 

While we waited, we would occasionally hear firecrackers or see one or two fireworks set off by neighbors.  The boys were very excited.  We had ice cream (even though we were cold) and waited for the big show.  We finished our ice cream and waited even longer.  We waited until almost 11 pm, but the fireworks never came.  It was very disappointing.  

Malachi couldn't figure out why there weren't any big fireworks.  He didn't seem to think rain should have any affect on whether or not there was a big fireworks show.  We gathered all our little people and took them home to their beds, shrugging and saying, "Well, we tried." 

I am beginning to wonder if for some bizarre reason, I am not meant to see a fireworks show on the fourth of July.

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