Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Wire

Life can seem like a high-wire act at times.  We are up in the air doing a balancing act on this thin wire, hoping we don't fall. 

When it comes to God, I sometimes tend to view Him as a sort of safety net.  I'm on the wire, I'm balancing my life, and it's always nice to know that if I should fail in that balance, there's God, my safety net, ready and waiting to catch me so I don't splatter on the ground. 

Lately, though, I feel like God wants to be more than just "there" somewhere in the back of my mind, more than something to fall back on when I lose my balance.  More than just a safety net. 

He wants to be the wire.

He wants to be the thing that my entire life is balanced upon; not a fall-back, but a life-line.

He wants me to know that He is everything that I need.  Nothing else will do and no one else can be to me everything that I need. 

The answer to my fear, my weakness, my doubt, my insecurity, my stupidity and my pride is entirely found in Him.

This is something I know in my head.  I've known it for a long time.  But I have trouble knowing it as more than a fact.  I have trouble really believing it.  He wants me to believe it.  He wants me to more than just believe it.  He wants me to live it and breathe it.  He wants that knowledge to become as much a part of me as my own flesh and blood, maybe even more so.

He wants to be the wire that I stand on.


  1. Ooooo that's a good analogy. I really like it. This one is the kind that will stick. Thanks for sharing your inspiration and speaking (writing) truth.

  2. Thanks for saying that. It really encourages me that you say that because I was having doubts about whether I expressed it well enough and whether it made enough sense.


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