Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We're Having A....

Due to many difficulties with the computers we have at home, I have not been writing my blog consistently, or really writing at all in the last few months.  But, we found out some news yesterday that I think is worth taking a little time to write via the library's internet. 

Yesterday, we had the infamous ultrasound, and to our utter surprise and shock (I'm still a bit in shock) we were told that we are having a GIRL!  "Really?  Are you sure?"  That was my first reaction.  The ultrasound technician seemed very certain, and since she was right about all our boys, I'm going to trust her on this. 

We are all very excited, including the boys, or maybe especially the boys.  Malachi was always referred to the baby as "she", and Izzy told me that we should have a baby sister because we already had a baby brother and didn't need one of those (a clue to how he REALLY feels about Simeon maybe? ha ha ha).  I am finally allowing my self to think pink and look at all the cute little girl clothes at the store. 

What an adventure!  Three boys and a girl!

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