Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Malachi's Turn

I was thinking yesterday after I wrote about Izzy, and I realized that I rarely write about Malachi.  I think this is partly because he is older now and isn't saying as many funny things.  I know he did say funny things when he was younger though, and I just happened not to have a blog that I was writing then.  So, I decided to look in my journal from when he was smaller and see if I had written anything down that he said.  Here are a few that I found from when Malachi was around two and a half years old....   

When he would swing on the swings, he would say, "Yook Mommy, I finging!"

When someone would knock on the front door, he would say, "Who's dat body?"

Once when I was making him pancakes he told me, "Mommy, you're perfect."  Before I could fully bask in the compliment though, he followed up with, "Mommy,  you're crazy."

Once he had a cup of milk and was looking in it saying "Dad?"  I asked him if he was looking for Aaron and he said, pointing to his milk, "Yeh, I yookin fo Daddy.  Is he in 'ere?"

Aaron taught Malachi to clink glasses and say "Salute!"  Instead, Malachi would say "Sanoot!"

Once when Aaron had to take his work truck to the mechanic, Malachi said, "Daddy take the big white truck to the doctor."  As a mother, I find myself repeating what they say in the form of a question quite a lot.  "He took it to the doctor?" I asked.  "He took it to the Doctor Seuss," he told me. 

He used to call the movie The Fox and the Hound, "Fox and the Shoes".

Once he told my sister when she was visiting that "The chicken melts in the water." 

Pictures of Malachi at 2 and 1/2

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