Monday, August 9, 2010

Pancakes are Fruits

I haven't written about Izzy for a while, so here are some his funny sayings I've been stockpiling....

"What's this?" I said to Izzy, trying to poke his bellybutton.  He had his shirt off, so it was an easy target.  "Don't touch it it's lhuchky," he told me.  "It's yucky?" I asked, attempting to clarify.  "No!" he told me, "I didn't tell you that word because I'm shy!"

Putting Izzy to bed one day, I told him, "I'll see you tomorrow Izzy."  As I closed the door to his room, he called out, "How 'bout Saturday?  How 'bout Someday, Mom?"

One night we were at a park and I got some slurpees from 7-11.  Izzy was drinking a blue raspberry flavored one and he came up to me smiling a blue smile and said, "It tastes like strawberry cocanilla!"

A while ago we took the boys to the fairgrounds to see all the animals.  
"What is this place?" Chi asked when we pulled into the parking lot. 
"It's a miracle!" Izzy answered him.

Regarding a cup of soda, Izzy told Chi, "You can't have too much or you'll get a tummy egg."

Izzy has been saying "hink" instead of "think".  For example, today Izzy was giving me advice about what we should eat.  "I 'hink we should have pancakes and popsicles," he suggested.  "Pancakes are fruits." 

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