Sunday, January 13, 2013

I Search For Middle Ground

I search for middle ground
That place of warmth
Where life can happen
Where things can grow
And bloom

Rather I seem
To be stuck
In that molten place
Of red-hot fire
Or that frozen ground
Icy, barren, and oh-so cold

And then there's you
My dear, my dear
Or frozen
Because of my lack

I search for the place
Of balance
That place of warmth
Where you can grow
Free and alive
And happy
You can flourish there

I can't tell you
What it all means

My heart knows
But the words won't form

When I look
For that magical envelope
With the answers
I find them written

In gibberish


I don't understand
And I have nothing
But empty hands
Which spread their fingers
In supplication
And searching
But find nothing
Where there ought to be
A wealth of knowledge

In my own lack
I wander
I look for the place of warmth
It was just here
I know it

But in the end,
I know that you will need more
And I pray that you find it
With, or without

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