Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Fun Never Stops

Yesterday I had a little adventure.  I seem to have a lot of little adventures these days.  I was going to meet some friends at a park at 11:30.  To save time and effort, I went to Burger King for lunch instead of making something at home to bring with us.  I went through the drive through, ordered my food, and as I proceeded to the window, I discovered that I did not have my wallet, and thus did not have any money to buy the food.  

I had already had somewhat of a frustrating morning, maybe because I was a little tired, or because the boys were running around wild and excited after they found out we were going to a park.  The whole wallet thing just did me in.  

I called Aaron tearfully and told him what had happened as I drove home to look for it.  He suggested that I call Lowe's to see if I left it there when we went the night before.  For some reason, I was convinced it was at home, not at Lowe's.  So, I drove all the way home, which was on the opposite side of town.  I looked all over the house, and the backyard because Izzy, trying to be helpful but not really having a clue, told me that it was somewhere in the backyard.  I was obviously not thinking clearly.  

Finally I looked up Lowe's number and called.  They had it.  So we drove all the way to Lowe's which is back on the other side of town again, picked up the wallet, went semi-shamefully through the line at Burger King for the second time, and FINALLY got to the park, almost exactly one hour later than I was supposed to.

The funny part is that while we were driving home the boys wanted to know why we didn't get any food.  I told them I didn't have my wallet.  Then I said, "And if either of you took it, you're getting the biggest spanking EVER!"  Even as I said it, the logical part of me acknowledged how lame that was.  I might as well have said, "You can't come to my birthday party!"  Even mommies can be childish sometimes.

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