Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Two Different Days

It's amazing how different each day can be.  Yesterday was a horrible day for me.  I was tired.  The boys were tired.  Malachi was whiny because Israel got to wear a Spiderman suit we borrowed from friends.  I tried to get them to go outside so I could write an important letter and finish my Bible Study lesson, but they seemed to feel that being exiled to the horror of the backyard was just too torturous.  Who wants to go outside and play on a nice day when you could stay inside and drive your mom crazy?  

Malachi was obsessed with watching Astro Boy and that's all he wanted to do.  Izzy just wanted to be near me, I guess, especially after I had to take away the Spiderman suit from both of them.  It seems like he would be mad at me, but I think he was just kind of sad.  He was so determined not to go outside that he actually was willing to sit buckled into a highchair in our movie room by himself without anything on the TV to watch.  It's hard when they need to be near you and you need them to be...somewhere else.  

One way or another, I did get them outside for a while, and I at least finished my letter.  The Bible study took the rest of the day because I had to work on it in increments whenever I got the chance.  When it was finally time for their nap, I thought they'd sleep for an extra long time.  Their eyes were so droopy, I could tell they really needed sleep.  

But, to my great misfortune and distress, they didn't sleep even as long as they normally do.  It was a day of frustration.  

I'm  sorry to say, I don't think I was quite a top notch Mommy yesterday.  By the time Aaron called to say he was coming home, I was pretty much in tears.  

Today, however, was a totally different story.  The boys weren't whiny.  We got to go to MOPS, which they like.  For once I actually left the house early, and didn't have to rush around like a madwoman trying to find them clean socks and where on earth did their shoes go?  

Afterward we went to Burger King, where by some miracle, no one spilled anything, had a dirty diaper or ran away from me.  Then we went home, I put them all down for naps...and they slept.  It was glorious.  The whole day was just so much more peaceful, and I have to thank God for that.

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