Thursday, May 20, 2010

Third Time's A Charm

So, this is my tribute to my third baby boy....

Simeon, my third son.  By now it would seem I have seen it all, there is nothing new.  I have seen all the firsts twice over.  But the third time's a charm.  And I am charmed by him.  There is something special about him, beautiful and buoyant.  His eyes have so much life it brings tears to mine.  Eyes so deep and mossy green, but bright, shining, reflecting.  His eyes tell me he knows a good secret.  If only he had words to tell me.  He smiles as though I have just told him a good joke.

Around Christmastime, I was really struggling to be "merry".  I usually love Christmas, but this past year was hard.  I was homesick and feeling low, and Malachi was SO excited that I felt that I couldn't possibly be excited too or the world would implode or something.  We were short on money, so I knew I wouldn't be getting a whole lot, and I have to confess, I LOVE PRESENTS!  I love giving them and I love getting them.  As a Christian, I feel like confessing this is tantamount to saying I am secretly a kleptomaniac or a compulsive liar, or even something worse.  You know, we're supposed to be all about giving and not care if we get anything.  Well, I care.  There I said it.  

Anyway, whatever the reason, I was bummed.  And I remember one night, I was sitting in my bedroom on my bed holding Simeon in my arms, and I thought, "This is the best gift I could ever receive."  I knew that even if I got nothing else, I had the most precious gift in my arms. 

I really do feel delighted by him.  And lately, I feel like God has helped me to delight in all my boys more.  It is too easy to get caught up in everything and forget to really enjoy them.  I ask God to help me all the time with that.  And He does.  

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