Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Messes, or the Lack Thereof

It is so strange to have snow in May.  Only in Colorado could this even be possible.  Well, I take that back.  There are countries on the other side of the world who have their winter during our summer and summer during our winter, and it's very possible that they get snow in May.  

In any case, I was not expecting snow.  I was expecting it to keep getting warmer.  I was imagining many future blissful days where the boys could play outside and not tear apart my house and run circles around me (they do, literally, run circles around me sometimes).  

Now, last summer, they played outside a lot, but they would also sneak back into the kitchen and get destructive with my eggs or my salt or whatever else they could get their hands the steak knives.  This summer though, things will be different.  This time I've got them beat.  Two words: child locks.  There's one on the fridge AND on all cabinets containing food or anything else that they shouldn't have.  And the wooden block that holds the knives is now on top of the fridge.  

I feel very optimistic about this whole thing.  Not that I expect there to never be messes.  There will be messes.  First of all, because I sometimes forget to lock the locks.  Second, because my children are devious and will find ways around my preventative measures.  Third, because even though the older boys are getting to the point that they know what they should and shouldn't do, Simeon is coming up on the age where he will want to push the limits, whether he knows what they are or not.  So, yes, there will be many more messes in the future.  But with any luck, fewer involving my spices.

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