Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Here is some more good stuff from Izzy.  He is just in a stage right now where he says really funny things.

When we had to leave Jumpin' to go back home, he said, "I don't like our house.  I hate it!  Bad guys are gonna throw it in the trash can and it will break!"

Talking about Simeon, I said, "He's so serious with those chubby cheeks.  Like Winston Churchhill."  Izzy promptly shouted out, "Don't say that!  Simmy's not a church!" in a tone that clearly said, "You're so silly, Mommy."

Upon entering my room one morning, Izzy announced, "There's some little bad guys downstairs.  But they're sleeping."  That was a little weird.

His explanation one night of why he got out of bed went something like this, "A toy fell behind my bed.  Some things fell behind my bed.  I need you to get them out or my bed will crack!"

A random comment, "Simmy can't jump, Dad!  He can't jump cuz he's too little and strong!"

Izzy recently informed me that he was not going to be my girlfriend anymore.  

When our neighbor and his friend were working on the swing set, Izzy told them, "My brother loves me a whole lot!  But not too much."

And here is my personal favorite:

Referring to a cookie, he said to Aaron, "Give me another one, Dad."  Aaron asked him, "What do you say?"  Izzy replied, "Because I'm so proud of you.  I'm so proud of you, Dad."

Malachi will still, on occasion, say something goofy.  Here is one that made me laugh:

After being told to be quiet, he said, "I can't make my voice quieter.  See my tummy?  It pouts down when I do that."


  1. I'm laughing!!! Your boys are so fun! Can't wait till my little one starts talking in sentences... I'm sure it will be hard to get her to stop :o)


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