Saturday, January 16, 2010

California Clementines

For some reason, I really enjoy peeling oranges.  Not just any oranges--california clementines.  "Cuties".  They really are cute little oranges, aren't they?  I think in part I like peeling them because the peel comes off so easily compared to a regular orange.  And if you do it right, you can almost get the whole thing off in one shot.  Maybe two or three.  It's just fun.  In some ways, I also find it sort of soothing, maybe even thereputic.  It really gives me a moment of sanity in an otherwise crazy day.  However, if you ever find me gleefully peeling a HUGE pile of cuties, it most likely means that the loss of my sanity has gone from possibility to probability.  Cuties are also quite tasty.  And they break apart just pefectly into little orange slices.  They do just what I want them to do without any hassle.  Unlike small children.

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