Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Powder and Salt

Without meaning to, I have now skipped two days of writing.  Last night I went to a Bible Study and then out with some friends afterward, but I intended to write when I got home.  I expected all the kids to be sleeping since it was after ten, but when I came in the front door, I could hear small voices coming from upstairs.  I wondered if Aaron was putting them to bed, and was surprised at how late he had kept them up if that was the case.  I moved on into the house, and as I went further in, I heard a static sound, like a vacuum cleaner, only not as loud.  Looking for the source, I went into our movie room, where I found Aaron asleep on the couch with Joseph: King of Dreams playing on the television, the sound of which was overpowered by...the static on the baby monitor.  This could only mean one thing.  The monitor upstairs was unplugged. 

In a flash, I knew exactly what had happened.  Aaron had put them to bed, gone downstairs, fallen asleep on the couch (which takes him approximately 30 seconds usually), and didn't even hear when the monitor went to static.  I hurried upstairs, knowing I would find some kids out of bed, and bracing myself for whatever else I might also find.  Reaching the top of the stairs, the first thing I saw was Izzy, out of bed.  The next thing, or things, I noticed were the cabinet in the hall open, cleaning bottles on the floor and powder everywhere.  I grabbed Izzy and took him downstairs and buckled him in his high chair.  I told him he was having a time out, but I really just wanted him to be contained while I figured out how bad the mess was upstairs.  Aside from the powder, it turned out to be not too bad.  I put everything back in the cabinet, got Malachi a drink, and then went back down for Izzy.  He got a spanking, and I sternly pointed out that Mommy did not like the mess he made, that it was not okay for him to do that, and put him back in bed. 

Later, I found out from Aaron that Izzy had wanted him to stay and lay down with him, but Aaron decided not to. 

In a seemingly unrelated incident, last week I was in the shower and I had locked the door, so Izzy wasn't able to get in.  When I came out, I found Izzy in the kitchen dumping out ALL of the salt.  All of it.  On the floor and the counter.  I was not happy. 

I have now come to the conclusion that when Izzy doesn't get the attention he wants...or just doesn't get what he wants period...he makes a mess. I cannot always give Izzy what he wants.  Sometimes he will have to be disappointed.  That is just life.  Life isn't fair.  That's what my mom always told me, and she was (of course) right.  Izzy will have to learn this, just like I did.  But that doesn't mean I can't help to ease that learning process along the way.  I have to remind myself that he is only two and a half.  He will still get a spanking for dumping out salt, but maybe I can do more for him to keep that from happening in the first place.  I am sure I will fail.  Repeatedly.  But I can try.  And I know God will be helping me and giving me the wisdom I need, if I will only ask him.  And eventually, Izzy might just learn not to make messes when he is upset.

Until then, I will be buying a lot more salt.

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