Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Feeling Quite Contrary

Today I have been feeling quite contrary.  It seemed like nothing was quite right, even though nothing was quite wrong either.  I had a hard time getting the boys down for naps, so I was running up and down the stairs trying to get them to settle, and then Simeon refused to take a nap altogether. Really though, I don't think I was upset about the boys, I think I may have been a bit bummed because Aaron had to go back to work today.  He was off for five days after having his wisdom teeth pulled, and even though it probably doesn't sound like it could have been very much fun, it was just nice having him home.  To be sure, there are moments when he can drive me crazy, but he is still my best friend and most of the time I'd rather be with him than with anyone else.  What's great about him is that when I am in a contrary mood like I was today, he knows just how to cheer me up, or at least smooth my ruffled feathers.  He always will come up with something unexpected that makes me laugh.  And then, he will do something like bring us all to McDonald's so the boys can play and I can sneak off and write a blog in peace.  It's pretty great of him, really.  It's enough to make a person feel...well, not contrary anymore.

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