Thursday, January 7, 2010

Running out of Glasses

Here is a slice out of our life.  Last night, Aaron was giving the boys a shower, and I was trying to make dinner (we'll save  the discussion of the pitfalls of giving small children a shower before they eat for another time).  Simeon had been on a sleep strike since earlier that afternoon, and I guess a happiness strike too, because he wouldn't stop crying unless I held him and carried him around everywhere with me.  At some point, the boys finished their shower and everybody was in the kitchen.  I was trying to carry Simeon around in a baby carrier to keep my hands free.  The problem was that his hands were also free, and while I was trying to heat some rice in the microwave, he grabbed a glass on the counter which promptly fell to the floor and shattered.  Aaron told the boys to get out, but Malachi felt the need to grab a toy truck first and got in trouble and then started wailing.  Then the rice in the microwave exploded.  Aaron and I tried to recover our frayed nerves without getting mad at each other.  Aaron swept up the glass and tried to explain to Malachi why it was important for him to obey immediately in that situation.  As he was talking I noticed he had missed a piece of glass, and just as I opened my mouth to warn him, he stepped right on it. 

In the process of trying to write this, Israel threw a glass at Malachi because he had a toy he wanted.  The glass, of course, broke, and shards went all over carpet.  I lost my temper.  Izzy got a time out and a spanking.  I picked all the big pieces of glass, and as I was plugging in the vacuum, I discovered that "someone" had smeared chocolate on the wall--undoubtedly chocolate they were not supposed to have in the first place.

It's been a tough week...and now I'm running out of glasses.

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