Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Ingredients of Us

One man named Aaron who works hard, and has been working a lot of weekends, but still has time to be a great dad and take his boys to Chuck E. Cheese, which also gives his wife a break.

One woman named Tammy who stays at home with three little ones, and yet also tries to keep up with her appetite for reading, writing, and watching American Idol.

One four-year-old named Malachi who is obsessed with trains, loves TV, and tries to help mom, even though sometimes his help isn't very helpful.

One two-year-old named Israel, whom we call Izzy, who likes messes and Kung Foo Panda and likes to spin in circles in the kitchen while Mommy is cooking.

One baby Simeon who is trying awfully hard to crawl, but can't quite get himself off the ground.  Meanwhile, that doesn't stop him from scooting/rolling around and enjoying new foods such as fish, green beans, mashed potatoes and pizza (the pizza he sort of gums, seeing as how he has no teeth--it's very messy).

Put each one in a yellow house, throw in a little love and a lot of crazy, and you'll have us, the Miningers.

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