Monday, January 25, 2010

Picky Eater

Have you ever noticed the way pickiness extends only to food?  If a person doesn't like certain foods, they are labelled a "picky eater."  This is said with raised eyebrows and a knowing look, which implies, "Oh. You don't like broccoli. You're one of them.  A picky eater."  This attitude doesn't extend to other things.  Take colors, for instance.  When a person is asked what their favorite color is, if they say they like pink but they hate brown, no one bats an eye.  No one gives them a hard time and says, "Oh. You're picky about colors, aren't you?"  It's okay to not like brown.  It's not okay to not like cantaloupe.  This is the world we live in. 


  1. I picked all the choices. (Because I am not picky about the options. I just wish there was a sad choice as well.)

  2. For you, Renee, there is now a "sad" option

  3. Why is this sad? I want to know.....

    I myself like the color puce....does that make me weird? Also, DJ likes "Rocky Mnt. Oysters" is he weird? Maybe the label as "picky" can also be as unfair as the label "weird." Although I do think it's easier to live with weird than it is picky. When one is picky, it implies they could change if they just gave it the chance....when one is weird, well, aren't they just stuck that way? Seriously...I want to know.

  4. Puce is a rather odd color to like, but I think it's because of the name. "Puce" sounds too much like "puke". Yeah, picky eaters get picked on more than weird ones...ha ha


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