Thursday, April 22, 2010

About Izzy

Izzy has a ratty blue blanket that is his favorite.  He absolutely loves that thing, and will not accept any substitutes.  I have another blanket that is the same kind of material, and is even blue, but he has always rejected it.  I can only guess that it was too soft and clean for him because his real blankie is stained, a bit stinky, and feels like an old towel.  He usually gets very angry if I try to give him a different blankie.  Yesterday was the first time ever that he accepted a substitute blanket while his was lost.  However, when we finally found the real thing later on the neighbor's porch, he was markedly happier.

Izzy is quite a talker.  Here are few things he has said recently:

Once before leaving to go over to Grandma's, he told me, "Next time I will come back to you."

Referring to a green caterpiller toy, "I need a pellopitter that goes sideways and longways."

Trying to convey to Izzy that him sitting on my lap while I'm at the computer made me feel claustrophobic, I said, "Mommy feels squished."  Izzy started poking at my leg, and said in his high volume voice, "No, but Mommy you're just hard!"

"Next time, I'm not gonna die with you guys," he told Aaron and me while at a restaurant.

"Simmy's sleepy because he's sick.  Simmy has sharks in his tummy that make him cough.  Tell me about the sharks!"

Sometimes the only way to get Izzy to come when I want him to without having to fight a big battle is to pretend I'm leaving without him.  Then he freaks out and comes running.  I feel really bad because I hate for him to think I would ever actually leave him, but at the same time, I also hate having to chase him down and bodily carry him kicking and screaming to wherever he needs to go.  He is having a hard time trying to figure out his independance and his emotions right now. 

That's my Izzy.  He's almost three. 

This is him trying to smile for the camera!

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  1. I love all that Izzy has to say!! Kids have the BEST quotes.....keep sharing them!!!


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