Friday, April 30, 2010

Say What?

Here's what the boys have been saying lately (Simeon is excluded because he can't talk yet!).

In the van, the boys were both singing variations of "Jesus Loves Me".  At one point, I heard Chi sing, "Yeeesss, Jeeesus loves meeee...more than yooouuuu."

Driving past Chuck E. Cheese, the boys got very excited and both said they wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese every day. 
"Every day?" I said, "That's too much!" 
Izzy replied, "No, it's three much!"

Malachi told me that when he grows up he will go to Chuck E. Cheese every day. 

We were at Golden Corrall, and Izzy told me, "Daddy's getting me some jellybeans!  And I'm gonna eat 'em on!" 
Puzzled, I asked, "You're gonna eat them on?  On what?" 
"On my ship!"

I wrote a while ago that Chi called a visiting dog "Assally".  Later, I figured out that he was thinking of "Lassie", but couldn't quite remember the name.

"Mommy, you're my girl of my dreams," Izzy told me yesterday.

Last night after we put the boys to bed Izzy came downstairs. 
"Daddy forgot to give me a hug." 
I told him I would tell Daddy to give him one as soon as he came home. 
"Where did he go?" Izzy asked. 
I told him he went to visit Uncle Nick. 
"No, he went to see Uncle Bob," Izzy told me.  "No," he amended. "He's friendly of Bob!" 
(He meant Bob was his friend, not his uncle.) 

Izzy, "We live in Callderado!"

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