Sunday, April 18, 2010

Like a Flower in a Pot

Lately I have felt a bit unsettled.  The best way to describe it is to compare myself to a flower.  Like any good flower, I have the desire to put down my roots, to settle myself down into the rich, hearty soil and grow down deep and solid into the earth. 

At this point, however, I feel like God has put me into a flower pot.  I can put down a few roots, and there is some nice soil there, but I am otherwise limited by the walls of the pot.  When I hit those walls, I think, "Why God?  Why am I hitting these walls?  I want to get into the earth!  I want to let my roots grow deep." 

But there is a reason that a plant gets put into a pot.  Probably several reasons, but as I'm not much of a gardener, I'll just talk about one, and that is: to get it ready to be planted elsewhere. 

What exactly that means for me, I do not know.  Nor do I know how long I will be sitting in this flower pot, waiting.  What I do know is that it means I should be ready.  And I should be willing.  When the time is right, He will plant me exactly where He wants me.  Or not.  I may be one of those flowers which always stays in a pot, that way God can just set me down wherever He likes, and then move me to a different spot just as easily. 

Again, I don't exactly know what this means, for me or my family, since I really feel like it pertains to all of us.  It is something I expect I will have to pray about, and wait about, which is hard because it can take so long.  And I may not know the answer until it has already happened.  After all, I think God likes to keep us on our toes, and if He told us exactly how everything was going to happen, it would be too easy. 

It is kind of exciting, though.  Mostly, I am just glad to know that He's doing something in us, and with us.  Better to be in God's flowerpot than anywhere else, right?


  1. So true! My analogy is a bird in a cage. Nice, but constraining, and I want to fly! But God doesn't ever say when that will happen. Maybe it just takes us a while to get used to the idea of moving on and growing somewhere else. Keeps us on our toes. :) Hang in there!

    :) Michelle

  2. Thanks Michelle! It's nice to know someone else feels the same way and gets what I'm talkning about.


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