Thursday, April 15, 2010

Scooter Guy

After dinner this evening, we decided to go for a walk.  It wasn't really just a walk, because Malachi wanted to ride his bike, and then Izzy had to ride the scooter.  Aaron and I were the only ones actually walking, since Simeon was riding in the bike trailer which can double as a sort of stroller.

It all was going well.  It was a nice evening, not too hot, not too cold.  We like to look at all the different houses along the streets around where we live.  It gives us ideas for our house, like flowers and fences and paint colors. 

At one point, we did have a snag, when Chi wanted to go one way, and we were going a different way, but we got through that okay and kept going.  Izzy was a little trooper on his scooter.  Aaron would ask him if he wanted to ride in the bike trailer instead, when we could tell he was dragging a bit, but he would just shout "NO!" and push his little foot even harder.  I had to laugh at the way he said no, like it was almost an insult that we would doubt his ability to scooter all the way back home, and his determination to keep going. 

Finally, after much stopping, and Malachi not wanting to ride his bike anymore (I tried to ride it back, but it is really hard riding a kid bike when you are a grown up!), we were a block away from home, and Izzy got off his scooter, walked back to Aaron and said "I want to ride in the bike trailer, Dad."  Of course.  Then he said, "I'm okay with it because I said it, not you."  He really cracks me up.  He's so stubborn.  I know if we can just point his stubborness in the right direction, it will be a good thing.  God can use that.

Tonight was a night when, even with some frusterations, I saw my children as the blessings they are.  With all their willfulness, stubborness, and determination, they are still gifts from God.  They are each unique, and each brings a different dynamic to our family.  My, I love those boys!  They drive me crazy, but I wouldn't trade them for anything.

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