Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Improvements

Spring has put me in the mood for improvements.  Last year by this time we had pretty much burnt ourselves out on improvements because we moved at the beginning of January and then proceeded to paint almost every room in our house, put down those vinyl tiles in two different places, and have a baby.  All of that by the end of March! 

Now that it has been awhile, and the days are getting sunnier and warmer, and the trees are becoming leafy, the grass green and flowers blooming, I'm ready to go again.  Obviously, we can't do everything, and that is sort of the snag. 

A guy named Dan, who looked a lot like a younger Mel Gibson, came and talked to us about replacing some of our old windows with new double-paned ones, and also about re-doing our bathroom (which needs all the help it can get seeing as there are people who have bigger closets than our bathroom downstairs, and the sink is practically falling apart).  Those would be very expensive projects, and will probably have to wait. 

We've also been talking about trying to clean up our basement and make a spare bedroom out of it.  That would be a ton of work.  Our basement is not very pretty.  Oh sure, it's a fine laundry room, but I don't think anybody would want to sleep down there, at least not right now.

Then there's the kitchen which has a tiny fridge that I hate.  The problem is, there is really only one good place to put a fridge, and the fridge has to be narrow enough to fit there.  Still, I am convinced that there has to be a better fridge than the one we have right now which came with the house. 

Probably the most feasible plan for us right now is to improve our front yard.  Aaron has already planted grass in the front section, and it's coming up nicely.  It used to be a nasty patch of mud and mulch, so just having grass there makes things look a lot better.  We're thinking about planting some flowering trees out there too, eventually.  We also looked at planting some flowers in front of our porch.  Our porch is kind of sad, so the flowers will help it look more cheery and friendly.  I am not much of a gardener, but fortunately since Aaron used to work in landscaping, I think he will make up for my lack. 

Tonight we went to Lowe's and checked out the prices for the trees and flowers and all of that, and I think we will go back later this week and get what we need.  That will be our first improvement, and possibly our last for this year depending on how things go.  We can always make plans, but some things just take time (and money).

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