Thursday, April 22, 2010

What's In a Name?

This evening was sort of a flurry of activity.  After work Aaron went back to Lowe's and got the flowers and garden soil so we could plant flowers out front.  Apart from eating dinner, we all spent most of the evening outside.  We also had an unexpected guest come check out what we were doing.  It was a golden retriever(?).  I don't know who he or she belonged to, but I don't think I have seen the dog around before.  The boys seemed to think the dog was a girl, probably because Aaron's mom and dad have a golden retriever named Phoebe that's a girl.  Malachi wanted to give "her" a name.  Sadly, I must confess that usually my boys aren't very creative with names.  Usually they want to name everything either Malachi or "Tookie", which makes the name they came up with even funnier.  For some reason, Malachi decided to call her "Assally", with an emphasis on the first part.  It was almost a pretty name apart from that, and the fact that I'm almost 100% sure that it was a male dog.  Aaron and I just snickered every time they would call the dog by that name.  That part was funny too.  They would alternate between being terrified when the dog came around and calling it back when they couldn't find it.  I just really hope that it goes back to it's owner and it's rightful name.  Otherwise, we'll all be stuck with "Assally".


  1. If you had a "cute" box, that is what I would choose. I think you need "cute" as a choice.

    BTW, as a side note, I know you have had some interest in a dog as a pet in the past. I don't want to be the one to discourage the love of a boy/boys and their dog...but, in reality it is like having another child. Most of the time they are sweet, great, etc. to have, but other times, it is more work on your plate that you don't "have to" have. I'm just sayin'. :) Do what you want with that. But as for me, there is NO WAY my kids are talking me into geting another dog. (Just watch me eat my words at some point. Ha ha!)

  2. I bet when some of your big kids are out of the house and the little kids are older they'll talk you into to it:) I am not in a hurry to own a dog, though sometimes I think it would be nice. Maybe if we move out to the country someday so the dog can roam free.... This morning Malachi was looking for the dog and he was convinced that it doesn't have a home and needed to be our dog.

  3. If I ignore the thrashed up back yard grass, then I love our mutt Lucy. She follows me around & doesn't setting in for the night until I am in bed. She makes me feel a bit more secure.......BUT, she barks sometimes at nothing & drives me nuts & she poops.....a lot. Thankfully, Bergen has the job of pooper-scooping.


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