Wednesday, February 17, 2010

According to Izzy

Part of what is really fun about being a mom is hearing all the funny things little kids say.  My best friend from high school was the oldest of seven children, and I always loved when she would tell me what her little brothers would say.  It's one of the things I was really looking forward to about having children.  Malachi, unfortunately, is making more and more sense all the time, but Izzy is still very much in that stage where his sayings are usually good for a laugh.  So here are a few he's said recently; the world, according to Izzy.

On why the broom is in the guest room:
"We were jumping!  And I was brooming!"

On whether he needed a diaper change:
"No, I don't need a diaper change.  It's not grumpy.  It's not grumpy or fuzzy." (And no, these are not euphemisms we normally use for a dirty diaper.)

While holding a Spiderman mask, he looked into it and said:
"Spiderman!  Are you okay in there?"

There are probably more that have happened recently, but another part of being a mom is forgetting things, and I'm sorry to say that it includes forgetting the cute sayings of your kids.  I am confident though, that there will be many more to come from Izzy, and the best part, for me, anyway, is knowing that even when he stops, I still have Simeon to look forward to (and any others we may have in the future).

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