Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

I think it's funny how Valentines Day is so controversial.  Some people love to celebrate it, some people absolutely hate it.  Some people hate it because they think it's just some commercial holiday that the greeting card industry invented.  And guys hate it because they resent being told when to do something romantic for their wives or girlfriends.  Some women hate it because they think it's stupid, other women hate it because they never actually have a Valentine (that was me, until I met Aaron). 

I personally think Valentines Day is great.  I'm not psycho about having to celebrate it, but I like it.  If Aaron doesn't get me a card or flowers or chocolate, I really don't care too much.  I know he'll take me on some kind of date because with three kids, let's face it, any excuse to go on a date will do, right?  Which is really how I look at the whole thing.  Who cares if it's just a commercial holiday?  Who cares if you're being told to do something romantic?  Just do it! 

It's kind of like Christmas.  At Christmastime, some people (my husband included) will be annoyed that they now have to buy gifts for however many people and spend all that money.  But other people--that would be me--feel that it's a great excuse to buy people gifts.  I love gifts.  I love getting them and I love giving them.  Since I'm married to a saver, what other time of year could I possibly convince him it's a good idea to buy gifts for all our family and friends?

So, I said all of that to say this: what better day to show someone you love them than on Valentines Day, a day specifically dedicated to such actions?

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