Saturday, March 6, 2010

Come Back Again

I see your face
I read your words
And they are painful

It is your pain
But it hurts me
How could it not hurt to see you this way?

When I know what you were
What you are
What you should be

I know what you know
But don't seem to remember
And if I could just tell you

If I could somehow remind you
I'm sure it would be different

There are no fancy words
If they would help, I would use them

I would learn new vocabulary
If those big words would mean anything to you

My friend, my friend
To use your own words

"Time flies by
It's been so long
Where have you been?
I tried to call
But you're not home
You've gone away..."
How I hope you'll be back someday

I hope you find your way
Away from hate

I hope salvation will
"Spring up from the ground"
You used to sing it that way

Yes, it hurts to see you this way
It hurts me
Even though it's your pain

And it is dreadful
To read your words
To see your face

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