Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Before I Die

Here are ten things I'd like to do before I die...

1.  Learn ballroom dancing...and hip hop

2.  Try one or more of the following:


3.  Learn how to make my own soap

4.  Successfully grow a vegetable (meaning that the plant would live long enough to eat it)

5.  Visit each of the fifty states, driving through doesn't count (which means I have to go back to Oklahoma, unfortunately)

6.  Meet someone famous, like a movie star, not a politician or athlete

7.  Write a book...and have it published

8.  Sell something that I made myself

9.  Go on a mission trip to Russia

10.  Bake my own bread


  1. I love your list. I've done most of the more mundane things (baking bread, growing vegetables). I have a recipe for soap, if you'd like it. Oh, and I shook Donny Osmond's hand once... does he count as a movie star? Nah, probably not.

  2. We can count Donnie Osmond. Just for you:) I think I would like to have the soap recipe actually, that'd be great.

  3. When you are ready to sell something homemade, I will buy......& when you are ready to dance hip hop, I will be busy....ha ha...but you can borrow my baggy jeans!