Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wisdom Teeth

At nine o'clock tomorrow morning I am going to have my wisdom teeth removed.

They are going to put me completely under, which is a good thing, but it makes me nervous.  Better than being awake for the whole thing, I guess.  Still, for whatever reason, I look forward to it with much trepidation.  I was really, really hoping I would be one of those people who don't need to have their wisdom teeth removed.  No such luck.

The nice part is that Aaron is taking the day off for it, and
Monday too, so it will be a four day weekend.  Also, his parents are keeping the older boys for us for a couple of days.  Knowing that causes me to swing back and forth between being nervous and being excited.  The boys will be gone.  Aaron will be home.  I'll be able to sleep, relax, maybe watch a couple movies if I'm not totally out of it.  If it weren't for the teeth pulling part, it'd almost be a vacation!

In any case, I may be taking the next two or three days off from my blog, so if you read it as often as I write it, now you will know why I won't have a new post.

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  1. It sounds like a vacation to me. Enjoy. Really, I am not being sarcastic. I didn't think having my wisdom teeth out was that big of a deal. Maybe I can handle painful procedures more than the average person....after all, I have given birth to 11 children. But, if it were me...4 days with my husband, the majority of my children gone...sounds heavenly!