Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Izzy's Hair

The Izzy haircut pictures are finally here!

I had the worst time trying to get these pictures from my camera to my computer!  First I lost the camera.  The cool thing about that was after looking all over and questioning the boys multiple times about whether they took it, I finally prayed and asked God to help me find it.  I kid you not, the words had not even completely left my mouth when I looked up and found it!  But after I found it, I could not get my computer to read the camera card, even though it has done it a hundred times before.  Finally I had to go make a photo CD and then bring it back home, and then there were a host of problems trying to figure out how to get those pictures off the CD since it came with its own special sofware.  But, finally, after many technical difficulties, I have the pictures.

They are not the best quality because it is almost impossible for Izzy to remain still for more than 5 seconds.  And, as you can see, instead of smiling, he squints and screws up his face

The first picture is what he looked like before his haircut, the next three pictures are what he did to his hair, and the last four are what he looked like after I tried to fix it, but could only cut the top before he ran off.  The last picture is after Aaron buzzed all his hair.


  1. Oh, Izzness! He's too cute. These are great pics for looking back on over the years. :D Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sorry about all the trouble you had in getting the pictures. That kind of stuff frustrates me. But, these are good memories to keep. So, it was worth it. Isn't it?