Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Izzy Adventure

If you know me at all, and have read my blog, you know that Israel is like my own little daily adventure.  You also know that I often find things on the floor that shouldn't be there, like powder, eggs, salt, bread, and spices. 

Well, today it was his hair.

Yes, today Izzy took it upon himself to cut his own hair.  I was minding my own business when Malachi came running to tell me, "Izzy cut his hair!"  And then there was Izzy, coming out of the kitchen, a gash of  near baldness cut in his hair.  After seeing him, I went into the kitchen to find a surprisingly large pile of hair on the floor.  I looked at the hair, and I looked at him, and I just couldn't help laughing.  He looked so funny!  Some of the hair had been cut all the way down to the scalp, other parts were a bit longer.  I tried to cut it more evenly, but he wouldn't sit still for very long, so I ended up only getting the top slightly evened out.  Now he basically looks like his hair is falling out in patches--but only on top.  The sides are normal.

I'd really like to give you a visual of this haircutting transformation he's going through, but I had some camera troubles today.  First, when I wanted to take a picture of what he did, the camera wouldn't come on at all.  I went and found my old film camera while I tried charging the battery.  I took a couple pictures with that, just in case the digital had more issues than just the battery.  Fortunately with the battery semi-charged, I got a couple of pictures.  Sadly, tonight when I decided that I should put the pictures on my computer so I could add a picture for this blog, the camera had disappeared.  It's hard to tell what exactly happened to it, or who took it, but I'll tell you what my guess is....


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