Wednesday, March 3, 2010


There are three different kinds of people in the world...those that are good at math, and those that aren't. 

Sorry, that was joke.  What I meant to say was that the three kinds of people are rule-keepers, rule-benders, and rule-breakers.

I am one of the rule-keepers.  Not that I never break a rule, obviously, but I tend to keep them, and I tend to want to keep them.  You know those public service commercials?  Like the old ones with the egg where they said, "This is your brain" and then they fried the egg and said, "This is your brain on drugs."  Those commercials are for people like me, the rule-keepers.  We are the ones who pay attention to stuff like that.  We see that commercial and think, "Oh my!  I certainly don't want my brain looking like that!"

The other two, the rule-benders and rule-breakers, probably just laugh at those commercials, and then do whetever they see fit, according to their own standards.  They'll keep doing what they were doing before, regardless of this new information.  If they weren't doing drugs before, they'll keep not doing them.  The commercial may have had a slight influence, but not much.  And if they were doing drugs, well, the commercial isn't going to do much for them.

The benders and breakers are also the ones who sometimes don't do things just because someone told them they should.  Like wearing a seat belt.  See, a rule-keeper like me goes to driver's ed and sees the horrible videos about what can happen if you don't wear your seat belt and vows to always wear one lest the same fate should befall them as the unfortunates in the video.  The other people see the video, and say, "Nobody is going to tell me what to do in my own car" and totally ignore all the horror stories, categorizing them as something that happens "to other people".  My husband is one of those people who don't wear a seat belt, out of some sort of defiant mindset, albeit a mild defiance.

I always think it's crazy, that attitude that says, "You can't tell me what to do."  I mean, what if astronauts had that attitude?  You never hear one of them saying, "I'll wear a space helmet if I want to wear a space helmet...."

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