Thursday, March 25, 2010

Joy and Pain

Last weekend I spent most of my time sleeping or on the couch watching movies while I recovered from having my wisdom teeth removed.  In a weird way, I had been somewhat looking forward to that time because it seemed like a great chance to sleep and catch up on all the movies I can't find time to watch.  I have to say though, that it really wasn't all that exciting.  Not because it fell short of my expectations though.  The dentist had prescribed some pain killers for me, which I made sure to take.  As a result, I didn't feel too much pain.  But I also didn't feel much of anything else either.  By numbing myself to the pain, I was also numbed to joy, even the simplest enjoyment, like watching a good movie.  A couple of the movies I watched were old favorites I hadn't seen in a long time, yet I felt zero emotion while watching them. 

Now, by no means would I recommend not taking pain killers after having your wisdom teeth out just so you can experience joy (which, you wouldn't because your face would be killing you).  Although after a day or two I did switch to just taking ibuprofen because I didn't like how the stronger stuff made me feel (or not feel, however you want to look at it). 

I find it interesting though, in how this proves true in other areas of life.  Often when we get hurt, we don't want to feel it.  We want to be happy all the time.  We want to numb the pain.  Sometimes people will put a guard on their hearts.  They withdraw, thinking that it is better not to go through all of the anguish.  But, as I found out, when you are numb to pain, you are numb to other things as well.  The pain we experience makes joy all the sweeter when it comes.

P.S.  On a slight side note, though I am doing well recovering, my jaw and teeth (or lack of teeth) hurt more at night and the muscles get a little stiff.  Because of that, and because I am extremely tired, I am not entirely sure if what I just wrote made any sense.  So, if it doesn't, I'm sorry.  Hopefully, you get my point anyway.

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