Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I don't know how many tears you've cried
I don't know what pain you keep inside
I don't know how you mend your broken heart
I don't know what you do when you feel torn apart
I don't know how you find your way when you are lost
I don't know what you do when you find you can't pay the cost
I don't know who you turn to when you find you can no longer fight
I don't know how you overcome fear when the darkness shuts out your light

But I know Someone who would wipe away every tear
I know a Perfect Love that casts out fear
I know Someone who can heal your broken heart
I know One who can restore when sorrow tears you apart
I know the Light that would show you the way
I know Someone who will fight for you today
I know a Redeemer who has already paid the price
I know Someone who died to give you new life

Are you brave enough to take His hand?
How lost will you become before you follow His plan?
Are you brave enough to let go of your pain?
What will it take to accept the Lamb that was slain?
Are you brave enough to find real life?
How long will it be that you remain blind?
Are you brave enough to look Truth in the face?
Soon you must decide, before your time vanishes without a trace.

For there is only one Way
One Truth, one Life
Will you settle for a counterfeit?
Will you settle for a lie?

This is a poem I wrote almost exactly eight years ago to the day, in March of 2002.  I wrote it for a friend of mine.  The reason I decided to post this today is that I was trying to write another poem and it wasn't coming out right.  Then I realized that a lot of what I was wanting to say with it, I had already written in this poem.  I may still write the other poem eventually, but for now, this one will suffice.  I think I might have written it differently today, but I was very strict with myself and didn't change anything (okay, I added one word).

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